listwaDiscussion forum „Combatting poverty and social exclusion in rural areas”

Many rural areas in Europe experience poverty and social exclusion, and numerous rural organisations are trying, on the one hand, to improve development opportunities (e.g. through creation of additional sources of income), and on the other hand, to ensure that nobody is excluded from the benefits of rural development.

In preparation for the European Rural Parliament 2017 meeting, organisations representing rural communities in EU Member States and in candidate countries have launched a broad debate which will help to estimate the scale and causes of rural poverty and social exclusion, identify good practices of solutions and develop recommendations for future policies. The Polish Rural Forum (FAOW), a national platform of rural NGOs, is responsible for the task of carrying out this debate.

One of the key tools of the debate is this discussion forum, which will enable participants to:

  • share their experience on poverty and social exclusion in rural areas,
  • present activities and projects addressed to different target groups at risk of exclusion (e.g. long-term unemployed, disabled, women, youth, as well as minorities and refugees),
  • discuss the most effective ways of combatting rural poverty and social exclusion and develop joint recommendations for policies at national, regional and EU levels.

We encourage all people and organisations involved in work on poverty and social exclusion in rural areas to take part in the debate!

By clicking on the links below, you can:

  • register to the forum, to take part in the discussion and share documents on this topic; the discussion forum is available in English or Polish
  • follow the discussion as an observer, or take an active part, if you are already registered as a user of the forum
  • submit the proposal of a good practice of combatting poverty and social exclusion (the most interesting examples of good practices will be published in late 2017 in the form of a brochure)
  • respond to a questionnaire on poverty and social exclusion in rural areas
  • find out about the European Rural Parliament process and other themes discussed within the ERP 2017

The debate and the whole ERP 2017 process is co-financed from the EU programme „Europe for Citizens”

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